Top 7 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes to Assist Shifting

The cost of shifting, sometimes can be heavy on your wallet. As soon as the plans of moving is on the verge of pitching, try to source out moving boxes for free. You might have a hard time to sniff it until you know the perfect places to look for. All the Packers and movers in Powai does open the book of hush-hush solutions that will not only make it pocket-friendly, but also smooth and quick. Even with a petite budget one can move the world in boxes only if the channels are known.

1. Friends and Family:

Any packers and movers in Mumbai Powai would disclose the most comfortable zone for everyone. One can be free and ask for unused boxes that are just waiting in their store rooms to be used again. You will find many old boxes as strong as new. You will surely find something or the other to fit in it.

2. Hardware Goods Store:

If you are looking for a compact or a big boxes, then electronic stores will be the best option. Chances are you will come across many perfectly sized boxes that will fit in the music system, toaster, Microwave or your LCD TV. The professionals packers and movers in powai own customized made boxes for every household clearance.

3. IT Department of your Office:

There are bulk supplies coming in throughout the year. The boxes that carry computers and other expensive electronic gadgets are expected to be extra strong and ultra-cushioned. Collect as many boxes as you can. It will flawlessly suit some of the domestic objects like laptop, desktop or sound system. The Packers and movers in Mumbai Powai will have every solution and techniques to make it a pleasurable experience.

4. Bookstores:

Boxes in a bookstore are averagely firm. Those are made to withstand up to 10 – 15 kg weight. Experts of the packers and movers Powai suggests to clear up all your CDs and cassettes along with light weight stuffs like calculator, books and toys in it.

5. Liquor Store:

The boxes here are quite strong and spacious than any others. Though they are expected to be of uniform shape, but still one can trust their eligibility with heavy weight goods like mix.

6. Grocery Store:

There must be a grocery store in the market from where you prefer to make frequent buys. Take the advantage of being a long term consumer and ask the shopkeeper to keep in store all the boxes of supplies. The Packers and Movers Powai will have every possible facility to make your relocation experience amazing.

7. Online Social Networking Sites:

According to the wizards of packers and movers in Powai, there are plenty of websites that are dedicated to all the requirements of packing an apartment. One can easily post in the classified section asking for leisure boxes for packing purposes.

Movers and packers in Powai always comes with witty solutions. Their boxes will be perfectly sized and shaped to bear show pieces, prizes, wall clock etc.

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