Top 4 Precautions to be Taken While Transporting Hazardous Chemicals & Inflammable Items

Transporting dangerous chemicals and inflammable items does not come easy. You need to understand the proximity of risk involved in this job. Consider following precautions while shifting dangerous items from one place to another carefully.

1.What are the risks if hazardous chemicals and inflammable items are not stored properly?

It is extremely crucial to keep all the chemicals and inflammable items safely. If these items are not stored cautiously they can cause;

hazardous chemicals and inflammable items


  • Fires
  • Spills
  • Contamination
  • Accidental ingestion or inhalation

2.What precautions to be taken while storing the hazardous items?

After checking the label of instructions given with each item, make sure you have checked the following things before storing the items.

hazardous items storage

  • The quantity of the substance that needs to be stored
  • The time period for which the items are going to be stored
  • Checking the stability of the items
  • Identifying the toxicity of the chemicals
  • The type of the containers the chemicals are going to be stored in
  • Using spill containment system when required

3.What to do before transporting the hazardous chemicals and inflammable items?

It is essential to be sure about each and everything before you start transporting the items. Make sure you have done the following before transporting the dangerous chemicals.

transporting the hazardous chemicals and inflammable items

  • If you are transporting any incompatible chemicals which are likely to cause a reaction with the other chemicals, ensure you have separated these chemicals.
  • While storing the chemicals and inflammable items you must have a proper plan for installation, design, location and handling system for the chemicals before, during and after transportation of the dangerous chemicals.
  • Prepare safety placards and signage for display of the items categorically.
  • Make sure you have proper fire fighter equipments that are easy to access and use when needed.
  • The chemicals and hazardous items must be secured so no unauthorized person can touch them.
  • Proper cleaning and spill containment system must be ready.

4.What safety measures to be taken while transporting inflammable items?

Transporting inflammable items is a very risky task. You need to be extra careful when you are transporting hazardous chemicals from one place to another. Checklist the following points when you are ready to transport the items.

safety measures

  • You have separately packed the inflammable items. The food, reactive substances and water is being transported in a separate container.
  • You have followed the rules and regulations for transporting the classified dangerous substances.
  • You have the necessary signs required by the vehicle.
  • You have the safety equipments in the truck.
  • You have made a list of all the chemicals and inflammable items you are going to transport with you.
  • The driver of the vehicle is a trained person who can handle the emergency situations.
  • The driver knows about toxicity, ignitibility, corrosivity and re-activity of each type of the material.

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