The Extraordinary Story of How E-Commerce Revolutionized Courier Industry

The exponential growth in ecommerce industry was not possible if courier industry had not jumped in the business [and vice versa]. The sprouting industry is growing as retailer marketers and investors are putting in more money in the business. Now you can see this door to door service at everybody’s door, why?

1.B2B business is on the move

B2B Business

B2B business has seen great advancements in the recent years. The growing usage of internet is the cause of this growing business. Online business, which is now securer, is facilitating the users from worldwide.

2.Better Broadband penetration

Better Broadband penetration


People are more aware. Nearly everybody knows what is internet and how to use it. This impeccable broadband penetration has given e-commerce a boom globally.

3.People have started trusting online shops more

started trusting online shops

Now people trust online shops. They book orders and get the packages deliver to their doorstep. It was not possible without great courier industry, indeed.

4.Why do people shop online?

Why do people shop online?

The question is why are people more prone to get things online? Of course, if you are able to compare prices, see the variety and get the things at your doorstep, why would you not do that? People have a better exposure and a better access to multifarious items easily and this is why they prefer shopping online.

5.Which part of the world has great number of retailers?

more number of retailers

It is unbelievable to note the fact Asia has outnumbered online retailers in North America and Western Europe. The number of online shoppers continues to increase every minute.

6.E-commerce and Courier are helping industries such as…

E-commerce and Courier

Interestingly, the most online shoppers are helping courier industry and of course e-commerce industry by shopping entertainment based items worldwide. The highest average for online shopper is 59% who prefer buying clothes, shoes and accessories; 46% are bookworms who buy hard cover books and the third highest shoppers are electronic gadgets lovers whose average is 39%.

7.O2O e-commerce

O2O e-commerce

Many companies are operating with O2O e-commerce. This facilitates the users more and develops a synergy between both online and offline channels.

8.Forging new logistic networks

Forging new logistic networks

People are being magnetized towards online shopping. This is the reason why more and more logistic networks are emerging to facilitate people from all over the globe.

9.Outsourcing logistic networks?

Outsourcing logistic networks

Yes latest updates are about outsourcing logistic networks to expand the business. In specific regions where international logistic networks are weak, international companies tend to outsource smaller local companies. This helps the local business grow vigorously.

With more and more people inclined to trust online shopping, the ecommerce industry has flourished. Making it possible for the courier industry to grow is made possible just because of this reason. More online retailers means more growth not only in ecommerce industry but in courier industry as well.

If you have anything to share or you want to add in your experience, feel free to give us your valuable feedback in the comment section. You are always welcome to share your views with us.

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