All City Packers and Movers in Thane – 5 Biggest Mistakes Made While Relocating Offices

An office relocation can be very complicated if it’s not planned out correctly. There can be many hurdles on the way of relocation, like deadlines to meet, tasks to be completed, and also to manage people.

Even though companies do not relocate that frequently, it generally happens once in 6-8 years, but still whenever it happens, it takes a lot of time, resources, money, and efforts to actually finish it. However, the services provided by packers and movers in Thane will make relocation of an office much easier and convenient.

Some common mistakes generally made, and suggestions to overcome or avoid them are listed below:

1.Improper planning – The most common mistake committed generally during office relocations is lack of planning. The only way to overcome and finish the relocation smoothly is by having a proper plan. It should have mention of both, capital and time that is to be invested in the project.

Suggestion – You cannot take care of the project on your own. Build a relocation team with a strong leader who will keep you updated about the proceedings. Create a To-Do list or a checklist. This will help you to take care of every small detail and get the works done in order.

2. Underestimating the budget – Anyone would try to save money as much as possible in any project. That plan of increasing the savings by doing the relocation in a ‘cheap’ way can backfire on you. You might be tempted to hire cheap contractors with no reputation or trustworthiness in market in order to save money. That is one big risk to take.

Suggestion – Always hire credible packers and movers in Thane even they are a bit more expensive, because it is simply worth it. They use trained professionals, top quality packing materials, and well maintained vehicles for transporting your goods. They also send an official to supervise the whole relocation from beginning to end.

3. Getting technology transfer wrong – The transfer of technology equipment and services can be the most complicated part in the project. It is the most important part of an office, as your work entirely depends upon these equipments. Misplacing even a small chip or loosing connectivity can cause you great losses.

Suggestion – Always have an expert around while transferring the technological equipments and services, so that the person can help the contractors take extra care wherever needed.

4. Poor communication – Relocating an office is not an individual’s job or decision to make. You need to notify the employees, clients, and stakeholders beforehand. Common mistake made here is that the clients are not informed on time, and the opinion differences are not sorted out.

Suggestion – Conduct a general body meeting (everyone in the office) and propose the relocation project and invite for suggestions and help. Try to involve as many employees in the project as possible.

5.Differences with the contractors – It is very common to have differences with the contractors, which can lead to project being abandoned by them in the mid-way. If the contractor disagrees to complete the project because of the opinion difference, then you will be the one in loss.

Suggestion – Discuss your expectations and requirements with the contractor beforehand, so that they can provide a good service. Cooperate with the contractors and have good communication during the whole project.

On your final day of relocation, these suggestions will help you avoid common mistakes. Do leave your comments if you have any questions or suggestions. If you are in need of packers and movers for you office relocation projects in Thane, then is your # 1 choice. Call us up for cost estimation today.

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