All City Packers and Movers in Powai – Tips for musicians to shift instruments

There are great musicians all over the world, and there is one predominant issue for them, moving their musical better half to other location. There are umpteen types of instruments, and each has its fragility. Each instrument is pricey and if a small damage is witnessed, it will put you in despair. Packers and Movers in Powai researched every instrument and had points to note before touching your instruments that are preached to the workers well in advance.

As the best Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Powai, we feel responsible to list the types of instruments and how it is to be handled, so that musicians can check the same while shifting to avoid hassles further.

Read through the list below given by Packers and Movers in Powai according to the type of instrument you possess.

Brass and Woodwind Instruments:

Usually, the brass and woodwind instruments would come along with a hard case packing; it is vital to keep it safe to aid shifting or picking it to concerts. If you don’t have one, Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Powai suggests the most famous bubble wrap sheets. Just cover every piece with layers of bubble wrap until you feel safe. It is important that the parts of the instruments don’t collide while moving them to load or unload. Once you have covered, place it in a large box that has layers of cushions to support. Packing peanuts is also one good option, but make sure it doesn’t get in your instrument.

Stringed Instruments:

Guitarists are so common these days; there are many types, and there are also other stringed type instruments which are delicate. There are instruments that have tuning keys; that has to be carefully placed with the headstock.

The best is to use a hard case, just add some crumbled papers or sponges to aid damage during transfer. If hard case isn’t there, you can go for bubble wrap sheets, make sure that your instrument are tightly packed in the box to avoid impairs. Use packing peanuts around the box such that the instrument doesn’t directly hit the hard case. Professional companies like Movers and Packers in Powai would pack your instruments this way.


When it comes to drums, Packers and Movers Powai advices to measure the size of the size and get a large box so that enough stuffings can be done to avoid damage. It is recommended to remove the rims, heads and keep the drums one inside the other. Other pieces can be placed in a separate bag. Use bubble wraps, crumbled papers and packing peanuts to stuff and cushion the drum.

Points to Ponder:

  • It is ideal to leave your string instruments for one whole day without a use after shifting to get set.
  • Packers and Movers Powai suggests leaving the instruments in room temperature if you’re in a different region experiencing varied climatic changes use storage units.
  • If you have a piano, don’t handle by yourself, call professional Movers and Packers in Powai to avoid damage.
  • Pack other software separately.
  • If your instruments are large, go for a hard case rather than bubble wraps.

All City Packers and Movers also instructs such effective packing procedures for musical instruments. For such safe packing procedure for your precious musical instruments, Get in touch with us..

If you desire to share additional steps for such similar secure packing procedure for musical instruments, feel free to drop a comment in the section below!

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