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When it comes to packing food, it is a definite trouble. Especially for spinsters and bachelors, who are destined, to eat outside, it is a big issue. It is indeed tough to empty the refrigerator since most would require an ideal temperature to stay good. There are chances of spilling the items or even breaking bottles, here are the tips that will make sure pantry items are shifted without a worry and which are mostly recommended by majority of Packers and Movers in Powai.


All the Packers and Movers in Mumbai Powai advice on shifting with slashes in your grocery shopping soon after moving to a new place. Most often, people who shift empty their home and burn their wallet when shopping for their new place. Always seek assistance from your Packers and Movers in Powai while dealing with packing household items which has a good life and could be used further.

Packing for your family – made easy!

It is recommended in stocking up the necessary fundamental items without depleting due to overstock of food materials. If you know that you will be shifting before months, it is better to reduce the storage. Buy small packs instead of family packs to save well, make sure to buy small packs of those items that require refrigeration.

Check the refrigerator often and check for frozen items in the freezer, make sure to use the items and not to buy other items. It is even better if you can be generous enough to donate the unopened packets to someone. Follow the guidance of your Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Powai efficiently.

Food list ideal to pack:

It is advised for picking the sealed boxes, the cans, and other bottles that would not spill. There is a special checklist derived by your Packers and Movers Powai of the food packing as given below.

List the foods that are not recommended and should be left over as per most of the Movers and Packers in Powai:

  • Leftover food in the fridge
  • All the opened packs, be it frozen food or any other consumable
  • Frozen meat or vegetables in the freezer
  • Defrosted items, as it would turn poisonous
  • Eggs and poultry
  • Opened bottles

Majority of Packers and Movers Powai lists the foods that are recommended to take:

  • Canned food items
  • Dry items like cereals or muesli, biscuits, unopened cookie packs
  • Sealed bag of chips
  • Flour or sugar which are tightly sealed

Recommendations from mainstream Movers and Packers in Powai on packing of pantry items:

First, it is ideal to separate the list of items that can be taken and not to be taken, try your level best to use all the consumable items swiftly. Arrange a treat and completely finish all your frozen meat and vegetables instantly. Check for the expiry dates before piling items to the list of items to be taken along to the new place.

Segregate items accordingly, keep related items together and pack in compact boxes to ensure, it is easy to arrange after reaching your destination.

All City Packers and Movers effectively provide such services for packing of pantry items. Fill up the online form and get your free quotation from us right away. If you have more points to add, drop the comments in the section given below!


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