All City Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai Guides for able Packing of Kitchen

It is quite common these days that people need to shift to different apartments and even different localities frequently. Sometimes, it is the job which requires this and sometimes it is even our personal choice. Naturally, when we packing the whole house and shifting to a different place we need to focus on many things. The most careful and attention demanding part of the house is the kitchen. It is the toughest room of the home to pack. Consult the following checklist of Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai to facilitate easy packing of your kitchen.

Sort and Simply:

Packers and Movers Navi Mumbai simply believes in sorting and simplifying the things. Take out the drawers, cabinets and the pantry and thoroughly check them in order to know what you have in your kitchen. Sorting can be done in following categories:

1. Most Important: These are generally those things in the kitchen which are used till last in old house and first in new house. Dishes, all-purpose pans, silverware, toaster, dish washer and soaps are some of the most important ones.

2. Rarely Used: Expensive Glass Dishes, Vases, Wine Glasses, platters, small appliances and other wares are seldom used. Pack these carefully with Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai.

3. Unwanted: It is the perfect time to select and choose the kitchen things which you want to take to your new house. The remaining or non-selected items must be either donated or sold. Consult Packers and Movers Navi Mumbai in order to plan a garage sell or donation to a local charity.

4. Pantry: Keep out only what is required and pack the remaining. Movers and Packers in Navi Mumbai is well trained and known for maintaining the Pantry.

Prevent Breaking and Cracking:

Shifting proves to be most annoying when the most favorite and expensive items suffer. All City Packers and Movers have highly equipped and well trained professionals who pack your kitchen dishes in such a manner that they do not break or crack during transit. Foam Plates are used between them, at the top and at the bottom to pad them.


Use this simple trick to pack the glassware – pack each after filling the voids in the box with newspaper to cushion them. Also, mark this box as Fragile or Handle with Care. Movers and Packers in Navi Mumbai follows this trick compulsorily and handles the glassware with utmost care.

Proper Packing Materials:

To pack the kitchen in a right way and without any chaos and confusion, Right Packing materials are needed. It is advisable to make a complete list of packing material and tools. For instance, it is good to know beforehand that how many boxes will be needed for packing. Other relevant materials are – Newspapers, Foam Plates, Tapes, Scissors, Markers, Bubble Wraps, Plastic zippered Bags, etc. will come handy along these materials.

All City Packers and Movers follows such effective services for efficient packing of your kitchen which will save your time as well as effort. Get in touch us…we are just a call away! Also, if you have better kitchen packing techniques and methods, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comment section provided below.

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