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Most of us consider moving or home shifting to be a daunting task, especially because of the packing and lugging involved in it. While you do not want your luggage to be too heavy, you would still dread leaving things behind in your old destination.

Now with that being the case, your packers and movers in Mumbai will come to your rescue by providing you help with the transportation. Although the major labour of packing will be done by the professionals, you can do some sorting and organizing of things yourself to make it convenient for you. Let us now discuss some tips through which you can organize your old house to make packing and moving easier.

Know what you need and what you don’t:

There are several items in your old house that you will no longer need in your new house, or can easily purchase a new one for low cost. Try to get rid of useless items. You can either sell them or donate them for a good cause. As soon as the shifting date is fixed, make sure you start collecting useless items in one place, before giving an estimate of your belongings to your packers and movers Mumbai.

These collected items then can be divided into two parts.

One, which will be sent to the second-hand market or auction department for reselling. The other, which will be sent to a NGO or charity organisation.

You can also give unusable items to the poor people near you, including the workers in your house.

While selling helps to decrease your moving cost, donating gives you a peaceful feeling that is beyond explanation. Moreover, it also helps you avoid packing a lot of stuff, and you won’t have to pay more to your movers and packers Mumbai services for additional luggage.

Start packing start labelling

Make sure you start packing in advance to prevent last minute chaos. However, make sure you do not pack the essential items such as kitchen stove or daily clothes, which will be needed till the last day of moving. Also try to group different types of items in different packages.

Do not forget to label all your items for easy unpacking. Also mention if the item is fragile or if it contains important things. Your movers and packers in Mumbai will take extra care of those boxes during the loading and unloading process. You can also separately pack items that you need to use immediately after shifting, and label it accordingly.

Focus on E-organization

Accidents can happen with anyone at anytime. Make sure you create a backup of all your data before packing your laptop, computers, or other electronic devices. Moreover, make sure you pack them in a cartoon box with bubble wraps and glass protecting sheets to avoid any kind of breakage due to speed breakers or bad roads.

Sticking to these simple plans makes it easier for you to do proper shifting. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment in the section below. If you want to hire services of packers and movers in Mumbai for hassle free moving, you can call us today.

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