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What do we expect during any relocation? Wish away the trouble of packing and unpacking and all those pain of arranging everything and then spend through our nose. Wishing away is not possible and neither can we have a genie to take care of everything that is needed during relocation. We in All City Packers and Movers believe that we are not genie but we are striving hard to achieve the best possible limit of perfection.

Relocation is not only about a job change a house change but there are Packers and Movers Mumbai who can help. It’s a big challenge for anyone who has to leave lots of fond memories, some bad some good but memories after all. And leaving all those behind is really painful.

Customer’s Expectation:

  • Neatly packed materials
  • Arranged properly in carrier
  • No harassment in looking for tings: coding is essential
  • Without scratch and break: packing materials has to be optimized
  • On time delivery

How many transporters actually can do this? Most of packers and movers in Mumbai actually claim their customer feedback is 100% but a closer look reveals lots of erratic activities. May be unintentional but have taken place and so not a very reliable method of relocation. However insignificant may be but even a small toy of my child is very valuable for us. It carries lot of memories and we cannot leave them behind.

We Learn More from Customer Feedback:

Some of the feedback actually claim that these things do happen and are taken for granted that small things do get lost during relocation. Planning a toy house to help revive childhood memories are always met with resistance as during relocation the things we always want to travel light and hence things which we do not want never gets done.

Transferable Job is Painful:

Transferring jobs are a pain and more so when we are trying to settle down and set things right for our children and elders. Apart from these the bundles of goods that needs to be carried properly. We spend a lifetime in making assets and when we have to move because of the nature of job we do it becomes a pain. We can neither let go of our assets and nor be at peace of getting them safely to our new place.

The new era television sets, music systems, the high end refrigerators and ever necessary washing machine are something needs to carried in immaculate condition as the terms and condition of after sales does not cover lots of things including damage during transportation. Most of the movers and packers in Mumbai have their own terms and conditions as well.

We Assure Safe Passage:

The insurance part is also taken care of yet we need something which is fool proof as we cannot wait for days and weeks to seek compensation in case something really goes wrong.

We came across All City Packers and Movers which gave us more than option of whatever we needed to address our concerns. The packing methods, time bound delivery, tracking and insurance are something which definitely helps in relieving most of the concerns. We are going for it, hope you join us soon! Call us now to know more.

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