Packers and movers Thane : Leader amongst the Best

We are one service which specialises in building long term relation and that is not just a hollow promise but we provide add-ons which makes us completely different from the rest of Packers and movers in  Thane. We are All city packers & movers, and we specialise in all-weather and all terrain safe delivery transportation.

We love to lead from the outset and make the overall transit seamless and easy for the customer.
We innovate and set a standard for others to follow.

The genius on the move

We know we are not the only one who provides value added service but there is a difference between providing service and how it is being provided. We make sure the customer gets more than what he pays for and the manner he gets is also very important for us as we believe in personal touch to everything we do. There are geniuses all around but we in All city packers & movers belong to a different league altogether as we love to keep our bright ideas closer.

Rate race

As most of the movers and packers  Thane work towards only one goal, secure customers at any cost and promise as one could. But we are not in the rate race. We believe even if we win the rate race we still will be considered as rats. We create our own charisma and the niche we have created for our service draws our customers without much ado.

Extensive connectivity

We in All city packers & movers believe a customer heaves sigh when he learns that his last mile connectivity problem has been solved. Unlike many movers and packers in Thane. we provide extensive connectivity to our esteemed customers as we believe the little effort that we put in to make life easier for the customer goes a long way in securing the trust of customer.

How safe is your goods

When we move with the goods there are few things we always keep in mind. Safety and time management is our forte.

  • We do not allow our drivers to go into overdrive
  • Maintain the expected pace all through
  • Contingency plan for every route
  • Transit insurance for every delivery
  • Comprehensive insurance as per customer choice
  • Best of packing materials like sponge brackets, wooden crates and blocks, shock absorbing cushions

Most sought after

We in All city packers & movers take pride that we are the most sought after packers and movers in  Thane. That’s not just a flash in the pan. We have worked hard to win the trust and its word of mouth that helped us get our esteemed customers. Our service stands out as the most valued and safe transit in this highly competitive segment. Request a free survey now and see for yourself how we have charted the safety plan for our customers.

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