Most Terrifying Accidents Caused while Transporting Hazardous and Inflammable Items

It burns, explodes, spills, corrodes, reacts, releases dangerous gases, punctures the containers with a sudden pressure, damages, causes severe allergies and sometimes death. This lethal business of hazardous chemicals and inflammable items transportation is dangerous. You cannot simply chuck out the option of death during this lethal task.

What is so dangerous after all?

The transportation of dangerous chemicals and inflammable items demands extra vigilance, training, experience and mindfulness. A single spill can take hundreds of lives away in few minutes. Transportation of these dangerous items does need a big heart.

Has past shown us some real bad examples?

The answer comes in a big yes with a heavy nod. There had been ruthless examples with disastrous accidents when people actually sacrificed their lives while transporting explosives and dangerous chemicals from one place to another.

Why should you be interested any way?

Nobody knows when you have shift things. It is wise to read along and see what happened in the past. History does repeat and we need to learn what it teaches us today!

Top accidents happened during dangerous chemicals and inflammable items transportation

     1. December 3, 1984

Bhopal gas tragedy

A ferocious accident which took ten thousand peoples’ lives away happened in Bhopal, India. The cause of accident was hazardous chemicals transportation. People were sleeping peacefully when the fumes of dangerous gases led to their deaths.

     2. 1976 was a dangerous spill year!

1976 chemical spills

A study has shown that chemical spills have caused deaths. During the year 1976, a record chemical spill was observed. It is believed that more than 18000 chemical spills happened this year causing injuries and deaths. 

    3. 1983 was lethal year for dangerous chemical transportation

1983 chemical and inflammable transportation

The year 1983 brought sad and bad news in response to chemical transportation. Dangerous chemicals and inflammable items transportation from 851 railroads and 4829 highways caused 191 injuries and 8 deaths in America.

   4.Time between 1988 and 1992 brought more blood in the history of chemical transportation

years 1988 and 1992

The studies have shown that the time between the years 1988 and 1992 recorded one toxic chemical accident per hour. This dangerous report was taken care of and new rules and regulations were made to secure the transportation of inflammable materials.

    5. 1988 ammonium nitrate stored truck explosion

1988 ammonium nitrate stored truck explosion

Storage of dangerous chemicals is very dangerous. In the year 1988, six firemen were killed by an explosion caused by a truck storing ammonium nitrate.

It is extremely significant to learn from the past experiences. Learning what the causes of the accidents were can make us more aware. It is wise to get familiar about the types of chemicals which can cause;

  • Explosion
  • Corrosion
  • Fire
  • Toxicity
  • Infection

Try to get familiar with placards and signage

Learn the meaning of different kinds of placards and signage to remain safe. The placards such as Keep Dry, Highly Inflammable, Fragile, This Way Up and others are to guide you.

If you have any suggestion or query regarding transportation of dangerous items and chemicals or you want to share an experience of yours, please feel free to write to us in the comment section.

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