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Moving is all about cartons, ropes, trucks and loaders, right? That is true but only partially. Every family, business or individual’s needs and combinations are wholly different. While one family may want all articles in each room to be packed together to help unpack easily, an office planning to shift premises to another city could require furniture to be collected from different providers in multiple locations. All city Packers and Movers Mumbai understand the need for customising your packaging and delivery. That is why we give importance to detailed assessment at pre-packing stages and supervise operations at every step of the way right till delivery.

Customer service representatives work with all our prospective clients to  provide them free quotations and assessments even before they hire our  services. All city Movers and Packers Mumbai have designed and delivered  customised moving solutions to several happy clients since 2009. Factoring in  the different needs of customers sometimes involves clubbing services of car  transport with furniture moving or perhaps splitting the delivery two separate locations. We have lovingly packed toys under the supervision of toddlers and  taken apart and reassembled home gyms. “Whatever you need”, will be the  standard response you hear from our teams.

Tailor-made Moving Solutions

All city Packers and Movers in Mumbai conceptualises your move with you  at the centre of operations. Once you convey your directions to our service  representatives, our team spares no effort to help these materialise. If we were to use a common metaphor, we cut the coat according to your cloth. Our dynamic pricing, customisable packaging services and delivery options enable  us to quickly assemble the right service for you. Our assessment and quotations  serve to indicate what your needs are, somewhat like the measurements a tailor  would take. Even before you sign us up, we provide you a free quote based on

  • Volume occupied by the goods
  • Packaging requirements
  • Distance for delivery

Professionals at your service

All city Movers and Packers in Mumbai staff are trained and experienced in  all types of packing and moving operations.  There is hardly anything you could  present to them that would challenge their expertise. Whether it is about  aquariums in your living room or your Bonsai collection in the office, our teams  can transport anything a truck can move. We may not be able to take your  happy environments, memories and friends to your new address but we will  surely help you with a fresh start. Since we use professional quality packaging  material and equipment to pack, there are no dangers of scratches to furniture,  breakages of delicate articles or household goods getting damaged. Our teams  maintain quality of service through use of safe procedures at each stage of

  • Packing
  • Transporting
  • Delivery
  • Unpacking

This means you can devote 100 per cent of your time in your new home or office to be and do better than ever before.

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