The Complete Guide to Identify Fake Movers and Packers in India

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Staying Vigilant and Cautious against falling Victim to Fraud Movers and Packers

Finding a new house or a new office location may just be the start of a series of challenging tasks that shall confront the people involved. The process culminates in moving all the household items or office goods from the old to the new location.

And it is a highly stressful activity. Most of the people are likely to opt for reliable packers and movers agencies like All City Packers and Movers.

During such chaotic times, the last thing one would want is to get involved with a fake movers and packers agency, who falsely claim to be a professional agency taking the advantage of an established name like ‘All City Movers and Packers’.

There have been a number of cases reported in India, where the innocent people who are shifting homes get lured by agencies claiming to be the partners or agents of some reputed movers and packers company. And even highly educated people or professionals are susceptible to such fraudulent attempts by moving companies.

The techniques used by the fraud home shifting agencies are so well researched that it becomes extremely difficult for most people to track down their false credentials or existence.

In the interest of the general public in India, All City Packers & Movers has come up with a comprehensive tutorial to avoid and identify fraud movers and packers, as well as report them to the correct sources.

Ways Fake Companies Trap Clients

The fraudsters are well aware that anyone shifting homes or offices, is bound to go for a market leader in the movers and packers category, instead of going for any unknown shifting agency. They understand that people are aware about the top names and easily trust once they bring up some kind of association with any well-known goods shifting company.

And for the ones who may believe that any company having its set of documents (such as pamphlets, i-cards, visiting cards, etc.) in place is a genuine one, it may come as a shock that arranging forgery documents is a piece of cake for most fake companies.

The fake ones take maximum advantage of the fact that most people are unaware of the exact spelling of a reputed company, or perhaps even the exact logo or office address of the company. This makes it easier for the fraudsters to come up with false brand associations in the name of owning some franchise of a reputed moving and packing company.

In fact, many duplicate companies even go to the extent of having a website presence, which is often treated as a credibility check by many. But, even such websites vanish once the clients are duped and the damage is done.

Some of the fake companies get their paid advertisement listings approved on several classifieds sites and even in search engines.

And people often believe such listings to be genuine and forget the fact that paid listings may not always be verified. There are many sites that just accept the paid ad listings from different companies, without verifying their credentials.

The internet medium is often used by the fraud agencies to target innocent clients who are looking for cheap deals or discounts on the shifting solutions offered. By providing such services at extremely cheap rates, the fraudsters are able to lure the clients and expose them to the bigger threat on their highly expensive household goods.

The fake companies are well aware about the tendency of some people to go for companies that offer lot of freebies or complimentary stuff.

For example, they attract and trap clients by offering quick (before time) delivery and setting up most household appliances like air-conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, etc., at no additional costs.

Reasons for Trapping Clients with False Claims  

The primary objective behind any fraudulent attempts at luring innocent clients is to get access to the household goods or office goods that need to be moved. And it is obvious that these goods can give huge monetary benefits to the fraudsters, once they are sold. Alternatively, such attempts may be initiated by people who have animosity against someone in the client’s family, or who do not want them to move to the new place.

For clients who are moving to a new office, there could be business competitors involved in such fake attempts. There is even the likelihood of some competitors of highly popular movers and packers, attempting to create fake shifting companies as associates of the popular brand, with the intention of tarnishing their reputation.

Tricks to Identify a Fraud Moving Company

To avoid suffering a major setback during the chaotic times of shifting to a new home or office, it is important to do your research well about the movers and packers company. One needs to check out the internet to arrive at the correct website, even if there are duplicate ones appearing in search results.

A popular movers and packers company in Mumbai or India is likely to have its name featured on different sites, blogs or forums. So, it helps to look out for multiple sources to confirm the true website address of any company. For example, Mr.Ravi Kumar, the head marketing executive of All City Packers and Movers, has stated “Our official website URL is, and you need not fall prey to any other sites that claim to be the real All City Packers and Movers”.

An important step is to compare the listings of such companies on multiple classifieds sites and ensure that the details match at all sites. As it is the question of some highly invaluable goods, it even makes sense to visit the movers and packers office once to confirm about its genuineness.

For example, in case of All City Packers and Movers in Thane, one can visit their head office in Thane (address as shared on the website) and contact Mr.Ravi Kumar, the main representative for Mumbai & Thane branch.

Another useful precautionary step for identifying a fake moving company is to approach their existing clients and enquire about their experiences. A fake client would not be able to answer all your queries confidently.

It makes sense to avoid opting for a movers and packers agency that offers services at very low rates as compared to the standard market prices. While the goods are being moved by the movers and packers company, clients can have couple of known people travel with them in order to safeguard against any fraudulent attempts.

Steps to be Implemented Upon Spotting Fake Packers and Movers

If a client is able to smartly identify any fraud moving agent, then, he / she needs to immediately report the same to the police. At the same time, the client has to register an online consumer complaint on as well as They can even call up the National Consumer Helpline for instant help and guidance.

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