8 Accident Prone Areas of Thane – Every Driver’s worst Nightmare!

 In Thane

“Accident prone areas” are the road spots, where minimum 5 accidents occurred in 3 years or at least 1 accident with a minimum of 10 deaths. Due to bad road engineering and poor maintenance, Thane is filled with a greater number of accident-prone areas.

Here, I have brought together some of the busiest roads in and around Thane that have recorded a high number of accidents each year.

1. Ghodbunder Road

Commonly called as G.B road, is a 20 km long road that connects the Eastern and the Western Highway. This road is known for accidents due to poor infrastructure. Accidents happen due to bad road banking and its narrow width.

Poor banking, narrow road, and sharp turns are the culprits here.

Recently, a loaded LPG Tanker has turned upside down and blocked the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway for almost 10 hours. According to reports, this happened due to “slippery road”, but the actual reason is bad banking of roads. Another incident took place last year; a container truck toppled and crushed a civil contractor along with his car.

2. Kapurbawdi flyover

If you ask Thane people about the Kapurbawdi flyover, the first thing crossing their brain is the risk of an accident. Yes, this bridge lacks basic features aiming to prevent accidents. There are six deadliest spots within a 1.5 km bridge where you might go through an accident if you are not driving with hyper focus.

These spots lack the basic safety systems such as blinkers, speed breakers, warning boards, reflectors, and direction boards. There is a phenomenal sharp U-turn without sufficient room is an absolute mess for long commercial vehicles coming from Ghodbunder Road.

3. Thane-Nasik Road

This is a two-way road connecting Nashik and Thane. If you are traveling on this road in the early morning, it could be quite dangerous as many reckless tempos and trucks racing into the city.

Don’t expect driving ethics from them, keep calm and be cautious!

4. Thane Chennai Highway

This is pretty long highway covering a distance of 1240 km. Despite the pristine condition of this road, many fatalities are recorded, especially in the crossing zones. People tend to become speed thirsty and start to develop speed blindness (an acute condition where you believe moving slowly). You think you are slow even you have crossed 3 digit speeds.

So beware of your senses and drive logically instead of racing in this road.

5. Mankoli naka

Mankoli is a local town situated 10 km away from Thane central railway station. This is really a narrow road hardly measuring 2 meters in width. Also, this route is filled with numerous sharp turns. These turns make it hard to handle any vehicle. Always anticipate corners if you are travelling by this road.

6. Bhiwandi-Kalyan Road

This is one of the most used roads of Thane. This road acts as a pivot for the Nasik highway, Vasai Road, and many manufacturing industries around it. This road is busy almost anytime, filled with all type of people ranging from daily commuters to large containers.

Due to lack of facilities like lights, and pedestrian crossing marks; peak hour traffic becomes unmanageable. When everyone is in hurry, this road is pretty dangerous.

7. The Eastern Freeway and the Eastern Express Highway (EEH)

This is a fantastic road that is well laid with perfect banking and other parameters. Motorcycle enthusiasts assume this road as their favourite race track, and that’s the reason for most accidents.

Especially at nights, speeding motorcyclists cars tend to pile up with other vehicles due to lack of lighting and over speeding.

8. Old Kasara Ghat(Mumbai-Nashik Highway)

This is one of the roads in India that is told to be “Haunted”. Many people reported a sudden appearance of an old lady with haunting laughs, and headless biker following you at lightning speed. Let’s not believe it.

But the bizarre thing is the 2011 survey reported 46 accidents in a single year. But the scenery is amazing and you won’t regret it if you travel on the day! This road is dark without sufficient lights and both sides are surrounded by rocks. Avoid this road during the night if you have poor reflex or eyesight.

So pay extra attention when travelling through these areas. No road is dangerous until you drive carefully. It’s true, but partially. You cannot control the offender or any mechanical failures. It’s not always possible to choose alternative routes. So be careful and practice anticipatory driving technique to save you from harm. Share it with your friends and make them feel safe!

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