All City Packers and Movers in Thane – Tips for Moving Plants

Nothing makes our homes feel more welcoming and warm than the gardens. If you love your plants and flowers, then they eventually become the part of your family. After a certain points, it becomes really tough to part from them. Thus, moving plants while relocating your homes need special care and attention.

The best way to solve this problem is by taking help from the professionals of your packers and movers in Thane, and by planning the shifting of plants as early as possible. Please be reminded that in some cases, it is not possible to relocate plants from one place to another. It could be due to climatic and soil quality variations.

In this post, we shall look at some points on how to move plants from one place to another.

Things to consider while moving plants:

  • Plants and mud pots are very fragile, and are likely to suffer damages during the move. Moving plants in summer is a little bit risky, so try to move plants in cooler and moist seasons. Seasons play a major role in moving plants.
  • Tall plants should be wrapped in plastic, and make sure that you poke some holes in the plastic, so that the plant can breathe.
  • All un boxed plants and the ones that are wrapped in plastic should be covered with paper to protect them from extreme cold or drought.
  • When your precious plants safely reach your new home, immediately remove the plastic from the tall plants and take the small plants out from the boxes and give some water, and plant food or manure.
  • You have to keep a close eye on your plants, and you need to take special care if they get damaged on transportation. Because of the difference in soil, climate, and air, their health may get affected. So you have to keep watching on the progress of your plants regularly.

You just have to remember that the plants need some time to adjust to the new climate, and they need special attention also.

How to take care of plants before moving or relocating them:

Before moving the plants, you should have to take a little extra care to help them cope up with transportation and the new climate. Inspect for the pests, and spray pesticides if you find any. You should do this before a week, and check again before the leaving day, so that your plants are healthy enough for the travel.

Factor that promote the growth of plans in your new homes:

Weather and wind is the main factor, which can affect house plants that have been moved to another place. Houseplants enjoy the fresh and warm air of the spring. They also need proper sunlight and water for healthy growth. You can check with a nursery about the fertilizers that best suit the local climate and soil textures.

If you take proper care, the plants get benefited from it. In the end, your plants will thank you for it with healthy and vigorous growth, and the beautiful blooms. Make sure that you clearly convey it to your packers and movers Thane about taking special care of your plants while they are being moved.

You can also leave your feedback and ideas related to the topic in comment section. If you are looking for affordable Packers and Movers in Thane, you can contact us to assist you. Please free to call at 9320633875 for free consultation on shifting your homes.

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