All City packers and movers in Mumbai: Things that you Should not Anticipate

When hiring packers and movers in Mumbai for your relocation need, make sure you understand their offered services as well as what excludes their service. Many a times issues which are kept disguised till the last moment often pose problems at the end. Your packers and movers Mumbai might not be providing you all the services that you have been hoping for. Either these things are not included in their moving criteria or are forbidden by law.

Some of them can be:

  • It is always advisable to pre-arrange for goods and materials needed to be moved. Discard items which are not needed and segregate items which need to be packed. This saves a lot of time while packing.
  • If you wish to move live plants by packers and movers in Mumbai, you should always clear that first while discussing what goods to move. Many companies do not have the special arrangements which are needed to securely move live plants. Though you can ask them for suggestions on how to move plants, you cannot force them to if they are not sufficiently equipped.
  • Moving of hazardous materials such as flammable materials like fuel or any other gas filled article is prohibited by law. Packers and movers Mumbai can rightfully refuse to move such articles.
  • If you own a pet /pets and want to move them along with the goods, do check with the movers company. Moving animals needs special arrangements for their care and transportation. Movers and packers Mumbai might or might not have the facility.
  • Moving valuable items such as jewelry, cash and other important bonds and documents should be done by self rather than handling it to any other entity. This ensures safety as well as peace of mind.
  • Moving large and bulky pieces of articles that require special equipment for the loading and uploading might require prior discussion with the movers before you pack it off on the truck. Such articles might be charged for extra or might not be handled at all by movers and packers in Mumbai.
  • Arranging for an insurance coverage for the in-transit moving goods is a good idea. This saves you from any unfortunate incident of on road mishaps. Also if your movable goods include antique pieces they can be insured separately. Movers and packers Mumbai can help you getting insurance for the goods. Moreover, if you don’t opt for insurance, the company will not be liable to pay any amount as insurance to the client.
  • Planning out the whole moving procedure is a necessary requisite which when adhered to saves any wastage of time and hassle. If changes do occur at your end, do inform the movers company at the earliest. Once the goods leave the source, it will rest after reaching the required destination
  • Loading of pre-packed boxes is much easier but you have to be sure the things have been properly and suitably packed so that they reach the destination without any hindrance or damage. Letting the movers do the needful is always a good idea.
  • Installation of appliances and other equipment upon unloading which need special techniques is most suitable done by specific technicians. Your movers and packer in Mumbai may not entertain such installations.

These things can save effort and mindless hassle when considered and worked upon while planning relocation during your transit. To understand more regarding the things your mover will provide you with and things that they will straight away say “No”, contact All City Packers and Movers to find out more..! Is there anything we missed out in the article? Pour in your views with your comments in the section below.

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