These are the 8 Types of Car Carriers Around the World

Car carriers are designed to save your time and mileage. However, finding the right car carrier can be a little hassle if you don’t know what carriers are around in the market. For your knowledge, All City Packers and Movers lists down car carriers around the world:

1.Multiple car carriers:

multiple car carriers

As its name suggests, this is the car which carriers more than one cars in it. You may have seen a vehicle where three or two rows are filled with cars. These are those cars, and they have many features such as:

  • They are a good option when you want discounts on your shipment.
  • You might have to meet the driver in an ample spaced parking lot to unload all the cars
  • It is slower because of the number of cars it carries and because it has to stop by many places to unload the cars.

2.Single car carrier:

single car carrier

The single car carriers might be a better option if you are trying to carry around extremely precious vehicles, such as vintage cars and so on. These also have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important things to note here are:

  • Since they are serving you singularly, they could be more expensive than the multiple cars
  • Albeit they are faster than the multiple car carriers
  • In case you doubt that your car is going to get scratched or you want better care for it, single car carriers will suit you.
  • It will travel streets more easily and therefore reach you faster.



You may have seen these car carriers – these are enclosed on all sides and are long and huge. They carry cars in a safe way and usually are quite expensive too. Apart from that it also has features like:

  • These carriers are covered so they provide better protection than all other types of car carriers
  • Since they are enclosed, they burn more fuel and therefore they are more expensive
  • They protect cars and trucks from dust and roadside exposed items.
  • These carriers keep the cars regulated at a certain temperature – hence weather does not affect your car much

4.Open air:

open air

These car carriers do not have a covering over them. These may have usual impacts on the cars. But mostly they:

  • Are known to be the most cost effective among all other types of car carriers
  • Are vulnerable to damage but damages do not occur very often

5.Multiple car open air:

multiple car open air

these are the combination of multiple car carriers and open air car carriers; hence they are the most susceptible to damage. But they are also the most cost effective.

6.Multiple Enclosed:

multiple enclosed

These rank second least in the vulnerability meter. These are less expensive than the singular enclosed ones.

7.Single open air car:

single open air car

these cars arrive fast. They are a little more costly than the multiple open air carriers.

8.Single enclosed:

single enclosed

Got a vintage car? Can’t afford to get a scratch? This is the safest carrier.

So these are some of the car carriers available . These are adequate for any medium sized vehicles.

Do you think we need more car carriers?

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