5 Spine Chilling ODC Consignments you Didn’t Even Know About

You must have heard about the ODC consignment services that are offered in case of bulk orders or purchases to transport the goods for a long distance. These are extremely beneficial for extra ordinary dimensions and tonnages for consignments. In this article we are going to offer you a few shocking ODC consignments that we bet you have not heard about. Check them below.

1.Hazardous cargo service

hazardous cargo service

The term “hazardous” incorporates to follow some serious mind safety norms and this is done for the protection of marine environment and the people. There are certain parameters of the government regarding the shipping of hazardous cargo services and these must be according to the IMDG, IATA and ADR regulations.


Specialists are essential in handling the issuance of the dangerous goods classification, declaration, labeling, repacking and transport. Well trained professionals and experienced are only authorized to take charge of the shipments. Knowledge of supply chain is also essential for such transportations.

2.Multimodal transport services

Multimodal transport services

The cargo industry is a market that is expanding. The freight forwarding services are not very sufficient in the present market. The object of multimodal transport services is to provide the most economical, speedy, smooth and reliable carriage shipments within the different destinations.

A global solution:

The cargo market is in need of a global solution and by using the four modes of transportation (air, rail, road and sea); the multinational transport is a chain that connects to different mods and links of transport within one complete process, under the complete responsibility of a single operator.

3.Project cargo service

Project cargo service

The project cargo service include port feasibility studies, planning, conceptual designing and a lot other maritime transport projects, financing strategies and traffic forecasts. In order to make things effective, complete “out of the box” thinking is essential.


The project cargo is extremely effective in case of the heavy lift shipments. The comprehensive cargo handling projects is necessary that includes the transportation of raw materials, machinery and many other materials that are required by the client.

4.Tugs and Barges service

Tugs and Barges service

These consignments include a wide range of tug based services starting from the hauling of cargos to the assisting of large vessels within the port. The barge services are provided for bunkering and also for the fresh water supply from the Jetty to the vessel.

When used:

There are certain needs of clients which includes high horse power tugs and large barges for the designing towing and the transportation solutions. The barges need to be capable of recycled and bulk materials.

5.Vessel charter services

vessel charter services

The vessel charter services start from sourcing the vessel for on-site supervision exactly from the point of discharge. This service needs specialized companies that are capable of offering tonnage for routes that cannot be covered by linear servicing companies. The goods that would not be transported within a conventional cargo or containerized, for such goods, the vessel charter are the best ODC consignments.

Well, above are the five ODC consignments that are unique in nature and are opted in case of special requirements. If you know about something more “Interesting” than this that we’ve missed out, we would love to hear from you. Do not forget to share your question in our comments section below.

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