5 Amazing Ways the Coastal Road will Completely Change the Landscape of Mumbai

A city is similar to a human body. The roads can be said to be its arteries. The moment one of the arteries (or in our case roads) gets blocked up, it loses the natural flow and starts to choke the urban smoothness.

Reason for the Bypass:

Well, we bet, there is nothing new to the fact that Mumbai’s arteries (or rather roads) are so much choked that the city has been facing immense problems from a long time. This is the reason; the city planner’s (or doctors) have opted for a bypass to make the flow of the city smooth again to a considerable extent. The bypass is known as the coastal road which is going to be the connector of the city’s heart Nariman point along with its new buzzing suburban regions of kandivali.

In this article we have come up with a few factors depicting how the coastal road can offer much less congestion and impact the environment of the overall location.

1.Less traffic:

less traffic

The project is taken up with the motive of decongestion and improvement of environmental conditions such as reducing pollution. Presently during the peak hours, you might have encountered that, a minimum of two hours will be required for travelling from Nariman point to kandivali; while the coastal road ride is going to reduce the conveyance time to 40 minutes.

2.Improved infrastructure:

improved infrastructure

The coastal road is not only going to reduce the traffic congestion, but also, the infrastructure will be improved to an appreciable extent. The coastal road will help in developing road space and length. The expected population is going to increase by 30 million in the next decades; Mumbai is definitely going to need constant development of infrastructure which will be able to cope with the demands of its inhabitants.

3.Superior public transport

superior public transport

As observed from the statistics, it is evident that 45 percent of the overall population of Mumbai uses the local trains as a communication for everyday and 22 percent takes up the bus services. The coastal road is constructed with the objective to encourage the Mumbai inhabitants for using the public transport. The road is being developed to have two corridors specifically for the bus transport.

4.Offering quality life:

offering quality life

The coastal can definitely improve the daily life of the passengers. An average passenger has to spend almost 4 hours a day for going and returning from their workplace. This can be said to be a global approach with a plan of ring road connectivity to cope with the present scenario in Mumbai.

5.Toll less project

toll less project

The civic body shall not impose any toll on the coastal road since the city has already incurred a loss of 600 crore due to congestion. Having a toll will enhance the traffic congestion instead of reducing it.

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